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Here’s the face proof. Everything else is currently medicated and covered so I’ll save y’all the visual. And yes, it hurts.

As for the boy, he’s not the internet type and he doesn’t wanna be in the blogosphere. HOWEVER Mr. Green Olive Man (black olives still rock), go Facebook stalk me and you’ll see a few pictures.

One step forward, two steps back.

Got food poisoning Wednesday. Went canoeing with the boyfriend Friday. Went kayaking with mom and the boyfriend Saturday. (5 miles of paddling!) Woke up Sunday with the worst sunburn ever.

Today? The food poisoning was an allergic reaction. My face burn is actually part of that reaction.
I look like a lobster. My face looks bright red and cracked. The rest of my body is lobster color.
I’m on two days sick leave. All I keep thinking of, besides how much fun I had, is how after 4 times of putting sunscreen on can I get this bad of a burn. I have zero faith in sunscreen.

Positive note? I keep getting my upper body workouts in.

Early last week after work the boyfriend and I decided to fish and catch a pretty sunset. Didn’t get fish but did enjoy the sunset.

Our schedules are aligning so my workout time has to be done first thing before work because otherwise it won’t get done.

This week? I have 3 kayaking/canoing adventures ahead of me with the boyfriend (including going out with my mom!). Definitely think I’ll get a workout from those.

Happy Sunday! This girl has gone 3 days without eating double portions. Hopefully I can do well this week….

The bike’s tires are flat. So instead of letting the day go to waste, I burned over 200 calories on the treadmill. It wasn’t pretty but it reminded me of what I enjoy most about running by yourself — the solitude to think and make plans.

The dripping in sweat picture doesn’t do justice to my current sweaty state.

Also, Vibrams just because.

Now off to shower and join the boyfriend and our friends for surf and turf dinner. I obviously am providing the most unhealthy dessert, brownies. But I did substitute the eggs and vegetable oil so it’s semi healthy.

It’s on like Donkey Kong.

When I moved in November the bike stayed. It wouldn’t fit in my car and my boyfriend’s schedule wouldn’t work with my parents’ awake hours so I never got to move my bike.

Fast forward to the end of May. I said goodbye to the car that our family had put a combined 99,000 miles on in 16 years. It was bittersweet, she was my first car. I took memorable road trips in her, she got me to countless 5ks, 10ks, and half marathons, thesis traveling, and everywhere in between. But it was time. Time to get a car that had electric windows, a CD player, and a car fob so I could scare away anyone coming close to my car.

And I found it all. The year model, the add on features (roof rack and sunroof), and at the perfect price.

So I joined the adult club and have 60 months of car payments standing between my loan and officially owning a vehicle.

And today I had the time to get my bike. Seats downs and all, it fit. One of the perks between a car and an suv. To say I’m happy is an understatement. Definitely made the right choice.

I have no excuses to not start back at losing weight now. So here’s to trying to start over again.

Do you know who has a body for a bikini? Everyone. If you want to wear a bikini, wear a bikini. Do you see the 80 year old ladies at the beach in bikinis wearing what they want, not caring if some 20 year old guy thinks they look hot? Forget that guy. Why would you wait 70 years to not care what people think. Start now. Wear what you want.
Me to Ten (via ashamedtosay)

You only live once. Live life for you.


You know that moment in life when you feel confident enough to talk to somebody that you couldn’t years ago?

Tonight was that night. At an after party for a bat mitzvah, I went up to this kid I liked ALL the way back in high school and talked with him for over an hour. Ten years ago I could barely say a sentence to him. Progress? Definitely.

So guys remember this post from a year ago?

This guy is now my boyfriend, a major part of my life. I feel so complete with him by my side.

I took a leap of faith. I stepped out of my comfort zone. A year later, I can honestly tell you that I made the right choice.

Take a leap of faith. You never know where you’ll land.

My Friday the 13th present to myself….
I slipped while painting my boyfriend’s bathroom and lost a toenail in the jacuzzi. Let’s just say a few choice words were used.

Now off to paint a patio and do a few other things. Aka my exercise for the day.

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