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Some nights I stay up, cashing in my bad luck,
Some nights I call it a draw…..

Stayed up all night to see the blood moon then turned around for an 8 hour work shift.

In reality I should have eaten dinner and crashed. Instead I trudged out a mile on the treadmill with the new 3.5 mm cord I got today for my iPod.

Now on to matzah pizza, shower, and cat nap before the boyfriend gets off work.

No more excuses!

Oh…happy Friday!

Half a day of work followed by putting this baby together with Dad.

Life is keeping me busy. Work hours are temporarily changing so I’ll have some good evening hours for treadmill time. Plus weekend adventures canoing with the boyfriend. Upper and lower body workouts — huzzah!

If you and I were having dinner….

I’d tell you it’s been a long day.

We are fully staffed yet the workload keeps coming.

I love my Italian foods, especially homemade pizza.

I really look forward to this weekend because I can get a few to do things checked off my list.

I need more hours of sleep.

I need my boyfriend’s work schedule to coincide with mine, not be the complete opposite.

I am pulling a classic April Fools prank on my brother involving a picture with a ring on my finger. The rest is open to interpretation (remember: it’s April 1st).

…..and now I eat food that will be in leftover form for the next four meals. Huzzah for awesome pizza leftovers!

Being in a public job while being sick and having very little voice is never a good thing.

Even worse? Being short staffed and having to handle the public for 5 hours by myself with no voice.

Bright side ? My morning meeting got canceled so I don’t have a 13 hour shift tomorrow meaning I may actually get things done around the house to allow time this weekend to figure out nutrition and a workout strategy. Because right now life is kicking me in the butt (as I sit here at work eating the suggested serving size of goldfish and realizing that I need to cut carbs again since I’m back on metformin….)

Weekend in bullets

- walked 2 miles around the zoo

- drank 1 whole container of Orange juice and finished an entire box of tissues

- spent 4 hours canoing

- finished a second box of tissues

- finished half a bottle of dayquil

…..sick but yet still active? Yay?

Now for some magic make me feel better time with the boyfriend in which I get after the sun lotion put on my burns and movie time. Definitely a way to round out the weekend.

Here’s to hoping I wake up feeling better tomorrow otherwise I’m making a doctor’s appointment and hoping they can see me before work.

And pretty much tired that the only opportunity I have to workout is at 1 AM when the world around me just shuts down.

Too bad I’m exhausted from working 13 hour shifts and completely don’t feel safe running in my neighborhood this late at night.

I really need to carve me time and get my gym membership reactivated and put to use.

I kinda got caught being awesome in my kitchen this afternoon by the boyfriend.

Oh the enjoyable times you have while on vacation.

Yes, I’m drawing back my bow without a release while wearing a skirt.

I was also underestimated for carrying a canoe while wearing the same skirt.

Look at how clear my kitchen table is, definitely accomplished organizing my house during spring break.

It’s finished!

I finally knit a blanket for myself.
Started Christmas day, just finished today.

Too bad spring is here. At least it’ll look nice on the back of my sofa for when I need it.

Black blanket on right is something I made for a relative and they gave it back when they moved because there wasn’t room during the move.

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