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My weekend in photos….

1. Got bit by my bow while doing target practice.

2. The boyfriend’s dog got extra snuggles.

3. The healthy part of our dinner last night. (We had mussels, lobster ravioli, and lobster tails for the other half)

4. This morning’s food prep work in the kitchen for breakfast (cast iron with eggs) and lunches (salads and hardboiled eggs).

Been a busy weekend with stuff around the house. Looking forward to a busy work week and celebrating Rosh Hashanah. Even got some apples for apples and honey time.

I haven’t even gotten my day started at work and I’m halfway towards my 10k steps for the day thanks to a 2 mile run on the treadmill.

I sat for nearly 8 hours straight yesterday traveling to and from a fundraiser. Then proceeded to lay on a sofa for another 4 hours before bed. My body ached in the I’m-not-comfortable-because-I-haven’t-moved-around-recently type of way.

I have the evening shift and instead of sleeping an extra hour before grading papers and going into work I decided to get on the treadmill.

One common theme I’ve noticed with my fitbit is that no matter how many hours I attempt to sleep I’m either not getting enough sleep or it’s not a solid uninterrupted sleep. Otherwise as I suspected I’m getting on average 8-9k in steps a day without working out. Now that I know this I can make better decisions on a solid workout schedule and diet.

I’ve had a negative image sorta couple of days. Like super negative.

While driving this afternoon a song came on the radio and I was just too deep in thought when my boyfriend grabs my hand and says “hey”. Pitbull’s “Give Me Everything” was playing on the radio. And the part where he sings ‘Grab somebody sexy and say hey’ was when my boyfriend grabbed my hand. When I realized that my heart skipped a beat.

I may mentally not be once where I used to be, but in that moment I felt better about myself then the previous week.

All negative feelings will probably come back when I realize I can’t fit into anything in my closet tomorrow morning. But at least someone else sees in me what I once saw in myself. I just need to get that feeling back.

Sunset fishing.
The boy really knows what relaxes me after an extremely long week.
Eating has room for improvement but definitely better than previous weeks. Kind of ready for a regular work week where I can fit workouts back into my schedule…

It’s 330 in the morning. I just got home from a down and up kinda day. I took today off to have a four day weekend that included seeing a close friend. But boyfriend is going through difficult times so we cancelled the trip. But by the end of the day it’s back on…just one less day of the trip, which is fine.

So here I sit after a long day. Pretty good on the food front until I came home starving. But there in the fridge were grapes. And now that I’ve eaten half a container maybe my stomach will let me sleep…

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