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Friday ramblings

The beginning of a new school term is upon us and thus busy mode starts:

- took the afternoon off to catch up on things

- spent 2 hours of my time off emailing things for work

- am currently working on the online layout of the course I’m teaching and came across this in the course content design (it’s a predesigned course, copy and paste into our online server and set up assignments)…


- I have not been on my computer looking at Tumblr in a looooooong time

- I am really loving my new Windows 8.1 computer since now I can access work programs at home for constructing my course layout

- I took next Friday off to have a relaxing 4 day weekend, me, the boyfriend, and a small road trip across the state are planned

- I ran 3 out of the 3 days I wanted to this week.  Up next week: the diet change

That’s it, I’m out.  I have 8 modules to create, upload images, and work on assignments before Sunday night.  Needless to say, I’ll be busy but I have every intention of still enjoying my weekend.

A year ago I had no clue where I would be today. I didn’t know that I’d have a job, a place of my own, or where I’d be living.

But here I am a year later, a year older, heading out to celebrate another wonderful year of being alive. And I sit back and think about where I’ve been and how much I’ve accomplished and where I may end up being another year from now….

Been up since 630 and had a long work day. Still managed my run in. One outdoors before I came into the ac and out of the heat.

I didn’t think I was going to get my run in because the boyfriend and I made dinner plans with a friend and he was coming early. But I put my foot down and let them settle in while I ran. Finally made ME a priority. It feels good. Minus the dripping sweat.

This week rounds out the last week of summer hours for work, moving back from 10 hour work days to 8 hours and closing shift. I have a love/hate relationship going in late and closing. I get to sleep in but I never get to see anyone during the work week beyond the boyfriend.

This semester is different. I’m working my hours, teaching classes, and going back and finishing my master’s thesis. I took time off when I started my job last September but my leave is up and I’m going back to finally finish what I started.

My free time will be severely reduced with this workload. It’s frustrating to realize that I may only have one day a week of pure freedom. At least I have a strong support system with my boyfriend, our friends, my parents, my co-workers, and of course y’all.

After much discussion, I’ll be starting back full time on my diet and losing weight when the new school year starts. You may ask why wait another week? Because of everything going on right now it’s difficult. Plus my birthday is next week. And we all know how birthdays go. So I decided on August 25th. Until then, I’m going to start putting down the foundation and preparing for the change of food, workout schedule, and the other obligations. It’s difficult, but as y’all know, my lists and support will get me through.

And come December 2014, I’ll hopefully be back down to the weight I was pre-injury.

So here is to an insanely busy Fall Semester and losing 30 pounds in the next 3.25 months.

The only thing complete from this weekend’s to do list is the purchasing end of things….

It’s 3 PM and I only have between now and 10 PM to cook dinner, dessert for tomorrow, bread for tomorrow’s adventures, do a week’s worth of dishes (meaning emptying clean dishes from the dishwasher and loading in dirty ones), two loads of laundry, putting away clean laundry, putting together a desk chair, cleaning two bathrooms, going thru mail and receipts, and organizing important papers.

That ladies and gentleman is why you don’t let things pile up. I’m still playing catch up from when I was sick and it feels like I’ll never be fully caught up.

I did get a run in yesterday and this morning. Definitely a plus.

Now if only I can get my lazy butt in gear to clean up my house.

Omg it’s my weekend face! Only three more Fridays off before we go back to our regular hours.

It’s been a long week filled with technology issues and deadlines with incomplete work because of the tech issues.

Buttttttt it’s my weekend, so I’m forgetting about work and gearing up to enjoy a weekend of nothing but cooking, working out, and lounging around.

To counter my half pound bacon post from this weekend….

I’m traveling this entire week and conveniently left my lunch at home today so I grabbed a salad and some fruit from Publix. Healthy for the win! Now if only I can get home at a decent hour to get a run in….

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