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Tumblr Crushes:

Oh hey, look, my crushes have gone A FOOT!  Alright, sorry Mango, just had to put that in there. ;-)

Note: Smit, you’ve been my number one crush for over a month—I think the only other time that has happened was with Ben when I first started this journey nearly a year ago.  Feel blessed, you’ve become the new Ben to me. :P

And the rest of these people, if you don’t follow them, then you should! 3 just completed the St. Jude Marathon this past weekend, 2 more are training for half/marathons.  1 got his family to join in on his weight loss journey, and the others are working their way towards pretty amazing goals.

Happy Tuesday, fitblrs!

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  1. runsforredvelvet said: Yay! Thanks!! :) How about that - we made each other’s lists!!
  2. mr-smit said: Whoa! The new Ben? I’m flattered. You’re wrong, but I’m flattered. :)
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