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Publix sub for dinner.

I’ve been a bad fitblr today. That post from this morning? That 6 mile run? Yeah, didn’t happen until 5 this evening. Oops? Darn me and sleeping past my alarm.

Butttttt on the bright side 6 miles happened. 6.22 miles at 84 minutes. Then the additional 0.57 miles from Publix to my house. Yup, I ran with the intent of a pit stop at Publix just to get me my sub. And it was earned, that’s for sure!

Nice and enjoyable run, negative splits including my fastest 5K time on the trail and all that good stuff. Tri-berry Gu isn’t the greatest, glad I only grabbed one.

Do Life Week 2 challenge stats a bit later tonight.

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  1. carolynruns said: I tried GU for the first time and Tri-Berry almost made me gag (though the Mandarin Orange wasn’t much better). I just had to gulp it down and carry on. Any flavors in particular that you like?
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