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@Rich — So you’re saying potential meet up availability is either Friday afternoon or Saturday after the race then?  I mean, seriously, we HAVE to meet sometime.

@Kirby — You, me, Rich, Bryon (Pump), Becky (injured?), Carolyn, TriDad (I believe?) and I have no clue who else.  We should really get some sort of organization thing going next month for tumblr meet up.  My schedule is pretty flexible as of this moment (the one plus side to unemployment?) but scheduled to change if I end up with a job offer before May.

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  1. carolynruns said: I’m pretty sure JBizz is planning on running, too, I think. And Anna?
  2. becky-balances said: Injured but likely kicking down to the 5K or walking the half (18:00/mile limit…and I want that medal, damnit!) depending on how things go in the next month or so. I have a list of people and will start communications after work today :)
  3. keepgoinggreen said: Yes it is just me coming so I will be available to hang out with everyone Friday afternoon/evening and then all day Saturday! Looking forward to meeting (or in some cases seeing again) everyone!
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