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Tumblr Crushes!

Some of these awesome people I’m going to be meeting in the next few weeks during my travels and at the Indy Mini — super excited!

Byron – Faster than the speed of light.  Or something like that.

Liz – Fellow grad student pushing through the lovely world of projects

Michael – Runner, Alabamaian, owns a dog

Tori – Always posting the latest and greatest outfits and reminding me of the BOGO deals at Publix

Kelly – Lifting, dog butts, cats, sex therapy talks. Always brings a smile to me when reading my dash

ActiveAlways – Running mother-to-be (again!).

Anna – Fast runner, eats pancakes.

Rich – Runner, completed first marathon, owns a cute dog, posts green smoothie pictures

David – Cellist, runner, dog owner.

^~^ Can we take a moment to note that apparently dog owners won out this week’s crushes instead of cat owners?

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  1. fromlazytolively said: Haha us publix bogo lovers gotta stick together!! :)
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